Janely Hope Landazuri, was born on Sept. 9, 2013 in the jungle of Ecuador. She was born with significant complex medical problems from trauma she survived in her biological mother’s womb. She passed away Tuesday, July 11. 
On May 31, 2014, she met her forever family of her Daddy, Juan Manuel and her Mommy, Shawna Landázuri. She survived and fought well through so much - which included 11 surgeries, many procedures and countless hospitalizations and emergency room visits over the years. Despite it all, she was very happy with the most simple things like singing with her Mommy and Daddy or nurses, playing with pom poms, taking steps around the house in her gait trainer, and cuddling. 
She was affectionately known as Princessita, Janely Belly, Jungle Princess, Gorligousa and many more. 
She had countless victories in her occupational, speech and physical therapy on a regular basis - such as learning to use her eyes to look at adapted vision cards to tell what she wanted. She learned to touch a switch that would activate her toys, she rode several horses over the years at Dynamic Strides with loving therapists beside her, and she took many joy-filled steps in her gait trainer and so much more.
She communicated moods and preferences with her tone of voice, facial expressions and body posture very well, to where people knew the moment she didn’t like a song.
She attended Sweeney Elementary in school or sometimes at home and learned her first 10 numbers, several letters from the alphabet, 10 of her body parts, some shapes.
Her favorite times with her Momma were to sing at the top of her lungs nose to nose with worship to God with songs like Beulah Land, any Lauren Daigle songs, and many other sweet or really exuberant worship songs. Janelys’ most favorite time with Daddy was getting cuddles and kisses in his arms and taking naps. 
She was had a “dream team” of nurses (Nora, Angel, Stephanie and Sara) that alongside her parents lovingly assisted and cared for her and attended to all the big and small details of her life.   
For all those who knew her, loved her and all those who learned her story also learned from her perseverance, tenacity, purity and innocence.
To honor her memory, in lieu of flowers Janely’s family would prefer donations to Dynamic Strides Therapy in Republic.


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