Large subdivision might be on tap for Ash Grove

Ryan Squibb

45 acres may be annexed into town on west side for possible 102 home build, storage units
If the stars align just right, Ash Grove might soon be the recipient of a new, large subdivision. The news was brought to the Ash Grove Board of Aldermen at the body's Aug. 15 meeting. Presented by Public Works Director Chris Boyd, the potential build would include 102 homes and likely some storage units, as well. The 45-acre site sits on Highway 160 on the west border of Ash Grove.
The process would begin with the board allowing the annexation of the property into the city, and then rezoning it for residences. That is why Boyd floated the idea to the board, to see if they were game for such an advancement in the municipality.
While there were questions about the project, including the quality of the homes, as questioned by Alderman Troy Watts, overall the tone seemed accepting. Ash Grove Mayor Caleb Smith is excited about the possible growth.
"I see it as a great opportunity," Smith said. "For years we have seen or thought our growth would be through businesses. I believe it's partially correct but we may have been going about it the wrong way. For business to be successful they need customers/consumers."

Smith added that he expects the homes to be of high regard.
"I see these houses being the same quality as Serenity Valley, very nice homes," Smith said.  "It's nice to see other people moving here. Seeing what we already know. That this is a great town to live in, at any stage of life."

Although city officials haven't gone on record as to who is is leading the charge on the development, the land is owned by Goodman Endeavors, out of Willard.


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