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The new queuing road just north of Sweeny Elementary will be the home of long lines of parents picking up their kids. The road will relieve much of the traffic formerly backed up on Main Street.

Hwy. 174, North Main intersection to remain the same despite traffic concerns
The infamous intersection of Highway 174 and North Main Street in Republic is in need of changes as many in the community have reported congestion, according to Assistant BUILDS Director Garrett Brickner. The intersection is near two elementary schools, Sweeny and Lyon, in the Republic School District which contribute to the congestion for periods throughout the day.

"We have had citizen concerns over the years and observed backups at this intersection in the past,” said Brickner.

Though Brickner admits there is congestion in this intersection, he said that these backups do not necessarily indicate any danger. Brickner said they don’t see many accidents, and when they do, they’re not severe.

"While congestion is not good, this is a four way stop intersection and therefore, we typically don’t see as many accidents,” Brickner said.

So far, there are no plans to improve the intersection further, the city of Republic acknowledges that there are problems with the four-way stop there but claim that they need cooperation from the Missouri Department of Transportation before they can move forward with any plans. Brickner said that they have reached out to MoDOT and the project has been added to their unfunded needs list.

"MO-174 is a MoDOT route and therefore nothing can be done without buy-in from them,” said Brickner.

Brickner said that the main problem facing the four-way is the high volume of traffic due to the elementary schools nearby. Though MoDOT has yet to do anything to remedy the situation, there has been some effort on the Republic side of things to ease the load. A queuing lane has been added for those who are on the road to pick up their children from school.

"The school queuing lane constructed this summer as a partnership between the city and the school district will help alleviate the back ups on Main Street that affects this intersection,” said Brickner.

Though some changes have already been added, more would need to be done to alleviate the traffic. A change could help the community but that would come with more trade-offs according to Brickner.

"If we choose to put money into this intersection, what roads or other street improvements would we be deferring?" he said.


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