Name: David Alborn
Occupation: Airline Pilot - Retired
Pres-CEO of General Contracting Co.- Retired
Married with five (5) children
First bought property, had cattle and enjoyed Missouri in 1985
Some college followed with aviation related training through and including F.A.A. Airline Transport Pilot Rating; Commercial Rotorcraft license, Captain of B-737, DC-10, MD-11. Chief Pilot of International Airline.
Several ongoing educational experiences including multiple large project management, design and construction projects, DEC SWPPP lead certifications, Traffic Control supervisor certificates, and etc. Diverse training and continued learning has never ended.
Why should someone vote for you:
I believe my unique and varied life experiences can be of value in helping to guide our school district students towards their career fields with success. I think preparing our next generation for furthering their education and getting ready for joining the workforce is of utmost importance.
I understand how each individual has a varied interest and learning rate. We all have gifts, our job is to help the students find the secret to learning while at the same time discover their own unique talents by helping them apply these towards a successful life.
I personally value God, Family, and Friendships with others.

Name: Stephanie Dean
Age: 39
Occupation: 3D Artist/Designer at PlayPower, Inc.
Co-Owner/Operator at The Round Barn on Clear Creek, LLC
Landscape Architect contract worker
Education: Ash Grove High School Alumni
Kansas State University
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Secondary Major in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Why should someone vote for you:
As an Ash Grove High School alumni, longtime resident of the district and parent of students in the district, I'm fully invested in helping provide our students with an exceptional education in a safe environment. I aspire to not only collaborate with other board members in making decisions to improve our district, but also be a voice and support for our students, staff, parents and the community of Ash Grove.

Name: Amy Morton
Age: 49
Occupation: I have spent the last 18 years working as a school-based Occupational Therapist for the Springfield Public Schools.
Education: I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lindenwood University and a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Rockhurst University.
Why should someone vote for you:
I feel that a school board should be made up of committed individuals from different backgrounds who each bring a unique perspective to create balance among its members. Balance fosters meaningful insight and conversations, evokes multidimensional perspectives, and allows for greater opportunities to continue to bring educational excellence to the children of our community. While I did not grow up in Ash Grove, I am dedicated to serving the community and its patrons in the area, as my family and I have called this home for nearly two decades. I have shown that dedication through active involvement both volunteering with various school activities/events and with my local church. Some of the events I have actively volunteered with include: serving on the Pirate PTA board, Band Booster supporter, director of Vacation Bible School at my church and volunteering with Ash Grove’s local Diaper Bank of the Ozarks chapter.
I am very devoted to public education, particularly special education. I have worked as a school-based Occupational Therapist for over 21 years in a variety of school settings including both rural and urban districts which would bring another unique perspective to the school board. I have served on a variety of committees during my professional career including: school safety, staff training/inservice, equipment purchasing, interviewing and research and development to assist with curriculum. I have had extensive opportunities collaborating and working with others for the betterment of children in education including parents, teachers, support staff, administration and outside community resources. I feel that my vast experience working in education would be an asset to the Ash Grove School Board. Helping children learn and achieve is something I am extremely passionate about!

Name: Jeremy Nicholson
Age: 38
Occupation: Lead Sales Consultant at Classy Llama (eCommerce Agency)
Education: Bachelor's Degree In Education from Missouri State University
Why should someone vote for you?
If you vote for me on April 4, you will be getting a board member that has deep roots in this school, who has a deep passion for the success of this community and the district. My family has attended Ash Grove for five generations. Personally, I have walked the halls as a student, a teacher, and now a parent of three kids that attend our district.  
For the past five years, my work career has given me the opportunity to travel to hundreds of Missouri schools, big and small. Being able to speak with students, teachers, counselors, and administrators in high schools across the state has allowed me to obtain numerous great ideas from other districts, as well as gain clarity on the specific needs for our district moving forward.
I love our kids and this school district and have a strong heart to serve them! Our district has some great ideas and plans that I believe will provide our students with the best education that we have ever been able to offer at Ash Grove. However, the path ahead will require us to have a united board that is focused on kids first, and provides clear, consistent, and transparent communication between the board members, our community, and within our school district.
While we may not always agree on the exact same direction for our district, my hope is that you will always feel comfortable reaching out to me with your ideas or concerns. I would be honored to have your support on April 4 as a write-in candidate, and I look forward to serving the students in the years ahead!

Name: Rachelle Vaughn
Age: 40
Occupation: Mortgage professional
Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration and management from Evangel University
Why should someone vote for you:
As of now, I have four major objectives: Building expansion, (a four)-day school week, pro teacher and anti-bullying. I truly care about our kids and our teachers. My dad was a teacher and a coach for 25 years. We were always at school. I have a deep appreciation for educators.  I have many in my family.
I think the four-day school week will greatly impact our district in a positive way. Our teachers are more likely to stay and we will hopefully continue to attract great teachers and administrators as well. I support the push for a four-day school week. Mostly because our community wants it. We got overwhelming support from teachers, parents and students when we surveyed them last year. That’s what the community wants.
I support Proposition K.I.D.S.  Our teachers need adequate room to teach, and our students need to be able to be comfortable in their learning environments. The added safety of the tornado/storm shelter would be a great addition to our community as well.
I would like to see an improvement plan for the issues we have with bullying in our district as well.
Also, I love this community. My husband is an AG alumni. Graduated in 2000 and we moved here six years ago to raise our boys; Carter is a sophomore. Grady is in first grade. I grew up in Billings, another small community and understand the impact a school board can make on its community.


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