2019 Pumpkin Daze has record produce, record attendance

This year’s Pumpkin Daze, held Oct 5, saw some records broken in the produce competition. First, Richard Bottorf, a Republic resident, set a new state record for the largest grown pumpkin in Missouri with two huge pumpkins he entered into the contest. The first one tipped the scales at 1,677 pounds, but then Bottorf topped that entry with his second pumpkin, which weighed in at 1,798 pounds. It now holds the state record.
It is interesting to note that the record Bottorf broke was one he himself set in 2017. That year, he entered a pumpkin into the Pumpkin Daze produce competition that year that weighed 1,563 pounds; it broke the record weight of 1,244 pounds set by a pumpkin that Nancy Burgess entered in 2008.
Also in the pumpkin category, the Howard Dill Award for the “prettiest pumpkin” went to Jeremy Lindley, whose pumpkin also weighed in at 351 pounds for fourth place. Lindley also took first place in the watermelon category, where his entry weighed in at 251 pounds, and the bushel gourd category, where his entry tipped the scales at 195 pounds.
Among the other categories in the produce competition, Tim White placed first in the tomato category, with a tomato that weighed 2.08 pounds, and the long gourd category, which measured 120 inches. In the squash category, Lloyd Bright won with an entry that weighed 42 pounds.
In the youth division of the produce competition, Tucker Friend won in the pumpkin category with an entry that weighed in at 130 pounds. He tied with Toby Friend in the tomato category; both had an entry that each weighed a little over half-a-pound.
Paxton Lindley won in the other four categories; in watermelons, his entry weighed 162 pounds, while his entry in the squash category weighed just shy of 12 pounds. In the bushel gourd category, his entry weighed in at 27.56 pounds, and his entry in long gourd measured in at 73 inches. A complete list of winners can be seen below.
Not only did this year’s competition see a new state record set in pumpkins, it also had a record number of entries.
“This year we had more produce than ever,” said Linda Womack, secretary of the Pumpkin Daze Committee. “People were excited about it and all the craft booths.”
There were 244 booths at the festival
Another record set at the festival this year was its attendance, which was estimated to be at over 12,000 (an earlier reported estimate of 2,500 proved to be incorrect). Womack said the large turnout gave many vendors larger than expected sales.
“Our vendors said they sold more than (at) some shows that were two days long,” she said.
See next week’s issue for full Pumpkin Daze produce results.


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