Ash Grove FFA Supporters and Alumni Association holds charter meeting

The Ash Grove FFA Supporters and Alumni Association, a new organization which combines the Ash Grove Young Farmers, Young Farmwives and Ash Grove FFA Alumni Group into one entity, held their first meeting, a re-chartering event, on Thursday, Aug. 29, in the Ash Grove High School Ag Building. Seventy-five people, including 42 charter members and 33 FFA members who all signed the charter document, attended.
During the meeting, the members adopted a constitution and set of bylaws for the association, and also elected a slate of officers proposed by Nathan Isakson, Ash Grove FFA advisor. The new officers for the association are: Dillon L. Magers, president; Shelley Elliot, vice-president; Jodi Long, secretary; Mike Blaine, treasurer; Dillon E. Magers, chapter representative and Isakson, advisor. Dillon E. Magers and Isakson will be non-voting officers.
After voting on the association’s constitution and officers, the meeting’s attendees posed for a group picture at the high school’s football stadium and then returned to the ag building to sign the association’s charter and engage in some ice breaker activities, including line dancing and eating ice cream provided by Culver’s.
Isakson said combining the Young Farmers, Young Farmwives and alumni group would allow members to accomplish more than if they remained separate entities. He also said the new association would provide, “support of the Ash Grove FFA Chapter, promote community socialization, and provide adult ag-education programs.”
The Ash Grove FFA Supporters and Alumni Association will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Ash Grove High School Ag Building; dues are $10 per member. For more information, contact Nathan Isakson by e-mail at


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