Coming soon to Republic: Arris’ Pizza

Steve Chapman

 Springfield eatery Arris’ Pizza will soon add another location, this one in Republic’s newest strip mall, Wildwood Plaza. (Photo by Ryan Squibb)

Popular restaurant shooting for Sept. 1 opening
Republic will soon have a new option for dining out. Arris Pizza, out of Springfield, is opening a new location in Wildwood Plaza, across the parking lot from Flat Creek Restaurant. Jessica Schultze, manager of Arris’ Pizza in Springfield, said they hope to have their new location open by Sept. 1.
Schultze said the location was chosen for their new restaurant because it just felt like the right place for them.
“We’ve been looking to expand for quite a number of years now,” she said, “but never could find a place that we felt comfortable, at home in, and we just stumbled on that building in Wildwood Plaza, and it just felt right.”
 Knowing that a large number of their customers live in Republic also helped.
“We have a lot of customers that drive here from Republic, and we had a lot of positive feedback from them,” Schultze said. “That made us feel a lot more comfortable about it.”
The Republic location will have a larger number of menu options than the one in Springfield.
“It will be really similar to our Springfield menu, but a big change is we’re adding fryers,” Schultze said. “We’ll be offering kind of a wider variety of things in that aspect than we have in Springfield. We’ll be having wings, toasted ravioli, which is a huge thing people are looking forward to. We’ll have fries to go with our sandwiches; we’ll still have gyros, that’s one of our more popular options. And we’ll have our pizzas like we have in Springfield.”
While Republic is experiencing tremendous growth, both industrially and residentially, Schultze said it was the city’s small-town feel that led Arris’ to open a new location there.
“It’s kind of that small-town community,” she said. “That’s kind of what we were looking for when we opened this one as well; we’re very family based, family oriented, so we like it when we see those same customers over and over again. A lot of them become just like family members to us. That’s kind of what we were looking for in this new location, a small enough community where we could get to know our customers individually.”
Schultze also said Arris’ is looking forward to serving new customers in Republic.
“We just want everyone in the Republic community to know we’re so excited to be there,” she said.
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