Construction complete on Republic roundabout

MoDOT completed construction on the new roundabout at the intersection of Republic Road and RepMo Drive/Farm Road 103 and opened it to traffic on Thursday, Aug. 1, eight days ahead of schedule. Construction on the roundabout began May 29 of this year.
The project, which cost about $2.3 million, is expected to make the intersection much safer for vehicles pulling out from RepMo Drive. Additionally, it was built so it could accommodate a second lane in the future.
Project manager Don Saiko said the roundabout was constructed with student safety in mind.
“We needed a safe solution and a roundabout provided that,” he said. “The school district contributed to the project and supported the roundabout. It slows traffic down at the entrance to the school and makes leaving the school safer and easier to pull out of.”
The roundabout has a sidewalk going around it for pedestrian traffic.
“We added sidewalk around the roundabout to tie back into a sidewalk the school had that dead ended south of Route M,” Saiko said. “There are no pedestrian accommodations east, west or north of the roundabout.  If anything is added in the future the roundabout will already have sidewalk around it.”
Some drivers may need some time to adjust to the roundabout configuration. Angela Eden, senior communication specialist with MoDOT, said the Republic School District and MoDOT will work together to educate drivers on the use of the roundabout.
“We are working closely with the Republic High School to help educate students and parents on the proper way to use a roundabout,” she said. “Currently the school district is providing educational material provided by MoDOT including a brochure that explains the roundabout driving etiquette and a video MoDOT produced which provides additional instruction on how roundabouts function and their benefits.”
The speed limit in the roundabout is 15 miles per hour.

Above, Vehicles travel through the newly-completed roundabout at the intersection of Republic Road and RepMo Drive/Farm Road 103. The roundabout was finished about a week ahead of schedule. (Photo by Steve Chapman)


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