Election time: Local Republican candidates vie for 130th

Bishop Davidson

Macy Mitchell

Samuel Snider

Newcomers seek seat in Missouri House of Representatives
 In what has become a hotly contested race, three Republican candidates (Bishop Davidson, Macy Mitchell and Samuel Snider) battle for a spot on the November ballot as the Republican candidate to take on Democrat Dave Gragg for the 130th state representative seat. Below is a profile of each candidate.
Name: Bishop Davidson
Age: 25
Education: Republic High School; University of Missouri (History and Classics)
Occupation: Owner and operator of Pelion Learning LLC, educational services
Why should someone vote for you?
The times we live in call for a young, articulate conservative Republican who knows the
of conservatism—not just the bullet points. Bishop is the only candidate with
experience in the conservative movement (working at Heritage Foundation and
Intercollegiate Studies Institute), the only candidate willing to debate the Democrat after
he challenged all three Republicans, and the only candidate genuinely accessible to the
people he hopes to represent.
He’s the only one to attend every community festival and parade in the district and host
a weekly Facebook Live video where he listens and answers any question thrown his
way. He not only is the true conservative in the race, but he’s proven he has the
experience and ability to articulate and defend the values of the people of Western
Greene County. He grew up here. His family is here. He loves his home. And he’s
worried about the current state of our society, but he’s hopeful that things can be made
right, and he believes it begins by returning to the foundation of conservatism and
correctly applying those principles to the problems we face today.
His policy interests include:
Defending our Second Amendment—he traveled across the country to petition the
Virginia State Legislature and testified in the Missouri Senate for the Second
Amendment Preservation Act.
Ushering in the Pro-Life Generation—he believes a young, 100% pro-life
Representative can help draw young people to the cause. His headshot is from this past
year’s March For Life in Washington DC.
Strengthening our Schools—Bishop owns an educational business himself and was
raised by a public school teacher and a small business owner. He understands true
education reform happens in the classroom and wants to give autonomy back to our
Growing Family Supporting Jobs—Bishop is one of nine children and knows how
difficult it can be to raise a family. Especially in the wake of COVID, it will be more
important than ever to foster an agile economy equipped to bounce back stronger than
ever before.
Name: Macy Mitchell
Age: 38
Occupation: Business owner in Republic & Springfield (two family businesses)Education: Bachelor of Science Degree, Evangel UniversityWhy should someone vote for you?I'm a business owner, a familyman, and a community leader. I am a true product of the American Dream thanks to a family who shared a life of strong work ethic, resilience, faith, and consistency. Their examplehas given me the blueprint for building my own business and running a family business, in which we staff 50+ people. I also credit my family's firm foundation for my desire to be a faithful husband of 15 years, a dedicated father of three beautifulkids, and a devoted community leader, who has been giving back long before any political spotlight. I have always focused on a life of action overwords, which I believe is something that is missing not just in politics but in our world. I've decidedto step up for theeverydayperson, because conservatives like us need a voice of our own. My desire is to notbring my agenda but to bring YOUR agenda to Jeff City to accuratelyrepresent YOU. The very reason for a "representative" is to be the voice of the community they represent--a true public servant. That is mygenuine desire. I'm a politicaloutsider. I have no desire to be a career politician. There are too many politicians that make decisions for people like you and me that aren't us, that have neverbeen us, that are out of touch, and, therefore,they don't understand the consequences oftheir decisions. I only desire to be an experienced, common sense voice that will protect our district's conservative values.I am the ONLY candidate endorsed by the NRA (member as well), the Missouri Cattlemen's Association, and several mayors in the area,such as Republic,Willard and Ash Grove. I am also proudly endorsed by the Missouri Right to Life.
Name: Samuel Snider
Age: 24
Occupation: Banker
Why should someone vote for me?
First of all, I am a lifelong resident of the district, and have lived, gone to school
and worked in the Willard area since I was 16 years old. I am running because I
want to advocate for Conservative
Republican values on behalf of the 130th
district in the Missouri House. If I am elected I will advocate for low taxes, pro
life policies, our agricultural industry, local control for issues that affect our
communities and protect our 2nd
amendment rights.


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