Greene County Aug. 4, 2020 Election results

Steve Chapman

Competitive county-wide races of local interest (78 out of 79 precincts counted as of presstime):

Mo. State Rep., District 130:

Bishop Davidson 2,859 votes, 45.359-percent of total vote
Macy Mitchell 2,699 votes, 42.821-percent of total vote
Samuel Snider 745 votes, 11.820-percent of total votes

Commissioner, District One, Republican candidates:

Sonya Murray Anderson 2,687 votes, 43.90-percent of total votes
Rusty MacLachlan 3,434 votes, 56.10-percent of total votes

Greene County Assessor, Republican candidates:

Conan Dougherty 2,990 votes, 28.45-percent of total votes
Joe Durnall 3,730 votes, 35.49-percent of total votes
Brent Johnson 3,791 votes, 36.07-percent of total votes

Statewide competitive races of local interest (statewide results only):

Missouri Governor, Republic primary:

Raleigh Ritter 27,197 votes, 3.998-pecent of total votes
Mike Parson 510,471 votes, 75.035-percent of total votes
James W. (Jim) Neely 59,451 votes, 8.739-percent of total votes
Saundra McDowell 83,191 votes, 12.228-percent of total votes

Missouri Governor, Democratic primary:

Nicole Galloway 453,331 votes, 84.628-percent of total votes
Jimmie Matthews 20,458, 3.819-percent of total votes
Antoin Johnson 20,169 votes, 3.765-percent of total votes
Eric Morrison 32,266 votes, 6.023-percent of total votes
Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem 9,452 votes, 1.764-percent of total votes

Lt. Governor, Republican Primary:

Arnie C. AC Dienoff 35,842 votes, 5.949-percent of total votes
Mike Kehoe 355,419 votes, 58.992-percent of total votes
Aaron T Wisdom 52,680 votes, 8.744-percent of total votes
Mike Carter 158,550 votes, 26.316-percent of total votes

Lt. Governor, Democratic Primary:

Gregory A Upchurch 133,216 votes, 26.457-percent of total votes
Alissia Canady 370,299 votes, 73.543-percent of total votes

Attorney General, Democratic Primary:

Rich Finneran 271,436 votes, 55.405-percent of total votes
Elad Gross 218,473 votes, 44.59-percent of total votes

U.S. Representative, District 7, Republican candidates:

Eric Harleman, 11,688 votes, 11.148-percent of total votes
Kevin VanStory 10,482 votes, 9.997-percent of total votes
Steve Chentnik 7,393 votes, 7.051-percent of total votes
Billy Long 69,319 votes, 66.114-percent of total votes
Camille Lombardi-Olive 5,966 votes, 5.690-percent of total votes

Constitutional Amendment Two:

Yes: 672,967 votes, 53.25-percent of total votes
No: 590,809 votes, 46.75-perent of total votes


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