Sales tax revenue rising in Ash Grove, Republic

Sales tax revenue has maintained a steady level of growth in Ash Grove and Republic over the past five years according to numbers provided by each city. Willard’s sales tax revenue maintained a steady average, though the city saw revenue decline during one year.
Ash Grove, although much smaller than the other two western Greene County municipalities, can boast a steady increase in sales tax revenue over the last half decade. In 2014, the city received $135,637 in sales tax revenue, and like Republic, that amount grew each year over the next four years: $139,685 in 2015, $212,138 in 2016, $221,144 in 2017, and $280,551 in 2018.
Republic, unsurprisingly, has gained more than a million dollars in revenue in the same 5-year span. In 2014, the city $4,777,883.29 in revenue; that amount increased over the following four years: $5,266,382.84 in 2015, $5,486,109.77 in 2016, $5,909,398.97 in 2017 and $6,125,287.05 in 2018.
Willard’s take, however, seems to have leveled off in recent years, with a slight uptick last year. Overall, though, Willard brought in less sales tax revenue in 2018 than in 2014. Between 2014 and 2015, revenue decline by roughly $150,000. In 2016, the revenue was about $60,000 higher and continued to remain at about the same levels in 2017 and 2018. The figures provided by Willard were: $1,104,658.74 in 2014, $962,324.52 in 2015, $1,029,745.76 in 2016, $1,018,774.39 in 2017 and $1,096,765.77 in 2018.


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