Virtual summer school gives Republic students chance to learn at own pace

About 700 students in the Republic School District will be taking classes this summer, but they won’t be going into a classroom. The Republic School District is offering virtual classes for students this summer; the students will have the opportunity to take a variety of classes, including dual-credit history through Drury, ACT prep, creative writing, geometry, personal finance, health, physical education, driver’s education and fine arts appreciation. Dr. Matt Pearce, assistant superintendent of schools, said all of the classes will be taught by Republic teachers, except one.
“We hired an outside person to teach driver’s education,” he said.
Pearce said the classes will be taught on the district’s Learning Management Canvas, where they will receive instruction through a variety of strategies, including Power Point presentations, videos, notes and other methods.
“Students work through modules which include many different learning strategies,” he said. “Students then complete work which is graded by the teacher. Teachers can provide feedback to students concerning their learning through comments, verbal communication, video
communication, etc.”
Among the advantages to taking classes in virtual summer school, Pearce said, is that students can work at their own pace, and it will give them more flexibility in their schedules for the regular school year.
“One of the main benefits of attending virtual summer school is that a student does not have to be in the same spot each day to receive instruction and take the class,” he said. “Most of our students are taking elective courses so that they can take classes of their choice during the regular school year. Taking a summer school course can free up their schedule.”
While virtual summer school allows students more flexibility in their schedules, Pearce said the classes can also be more difficult.
“Many students would share that virtual classes are more difficult due to not having a teacher in person to answer all of the questions that some students may have,” he said. “Additionally, students need to be self-motivated, organized, and disciplined in virtual classes.”
According to information from the district’s website, a seated summer school may also be offered in July. The final decision on whether it will be held will be made by Memorial Day, Monday, May 25.


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